1-1 Mentor Sessions for Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s time to catapult your creative business to the next level.

I get it.

You set out to create an amazing, flourishing business to serve creatively because you…

… really, deeply want to use your talent to make an income and serve others with that passion.

… know it’s deep down in your heart RIGHT for you. 

… want to have more time to live a balanced, fulfilled life with a business you love and the flexibility to spend time doing things with the people you love most.

Social Media Strategy for Photographers

But… your engine’s run out of steam.

And you’re not going anywhere.

You’re permanently hanging out with comparision paralysis.

You want to raise your prices but you’re worried you wont have any clients at the next level.

You’re worried about the next season in business and if you’ll have enough clients to keep doing what you love.

I want you to hear this.
To feel this deep down in your bones.


You get to have the business of your dreams.

And you get to do it without the struggle, overwhelm and uncertainty.

That’s why I offer a unique 1:1 mentoring sessions. Built to fit your needs and business (instead of a one-size-fits-all program) and nothing is off the table. 

As a creative entreprenuer and photographer, I know all the struggles and wins. Not only did I scale my photography business in a new city in a very short period of time, but I also did it while having a baby and going full time. 

Before jumping belly first into my business, I spent 10 years in the media world as an award-winning journalist and editor and later, digital strategist for 20+ newsrooms.

My mission is to help other creative-minded women succeed in entrepreneurship so they too can live a life of freedom, passion and profit. 

So, what do you get with 1:1 mentoring?

 A profitable creative business that serves your life, as much as it serves others. 

The exact steps you need to take to get there.

A unique long-term marketing plan that’s specific to you and your business.

All my tried-and-tested templates, systems and processes.

  • 2 x one hour strategy calls
  • Total investment = $275

This sounds fab! But I have questions…

Great! I love answering them! Here are some of the ones I usually get asked…

Who are these mentor sessions for?
They’re created with creative entrepreneurs and handmade small businesses in mind. This is for anyone who has taken the leap into self employment, using their talent and passion to create something. For me, that was photography. For you, that could be selling handmade soaps, baby rompers and bibs or graphic design. 
Is this really something I need in my business?
If you’re here, I’d say yes! Having a mentor, even just for a few days, is the best way to get eyes on your business in a personal and confidential way. It’s the quickest way to grow your business in the right direction and have someone cheer you on and guide you through the process.

What if I need more than just two calls?
If, at the end of you two calls, you feel you need more support, we can schedule those in at a reduced rate! But I’m pretty determined to make sure you get everything you need with those two calls so everything after that, is just cheerleading from me! Yay!
What if I’m really awkward on the call and don’t really know what to ask?
Awkwardness on the phone is a REAL thing, right?! But I’ve gotten pretty good with making sure my clients are comfortable so please don’t worry about any of that. Plus, I provide you with a brand audit through this process and will pick up a few things I think we could chat about. My aim is to get your business more visible and strategic so I’m going to help you along the way!