Hey there, I’m Tanya!

Wife, mama, photographer and storyteller.
I’m super passionate about helping others see their full potential and using that to flourish in every possible way… both in life and in business.

That’s why I’ve launched this space; to share inspiration, resources, strategy and a pinch of storytelling magic.

Fresh out of giving birth to my daughter and having just taken the plunge into photography full time, I had no idea how to start getting more clients, no real goals and running my business from my couch in leggings with a boob out. #thatbreastfeedinglife

Four months later, I arrived at a wedding I was about to shoot all day and I had no idea what I was doing there.

I’m talking total wrong client, completely under charged and that new mom exhaustion that lasts all of the first year.

HOW did I get HERE?

That was a turning point in my business.

If I wasn’t creating a business around joy and what made me happy, with dream clients and a healthy balance to be a new mom, it wasn’t worth pursuing at all.

Since making that decision, I have served the most incredible people with a more intentional business, and a simple yet powerful strategy to tell stories that connect.

And more importantly, I get to be the wife & mama I’ve always wanted to be. 

My idea to help creative entrepreneurs was born out of this incredibly busy & hard but
life-and-business-changing season.

– To help small biz owners have an intentional and strategic business that allows them to use what’s already in them to get more bookings.

– To help them focus on the soul of their business and the heart of why they do what they do and use that in authentic marketing that connects & converts.

– To help creative entrepreneurs get more dream clients who they know are absolutely,
 deep down in their heart right for them. 

– To help busy moms in business have more time to live a balanced, fulfilled life with a business they love and the flexibility to spend time doing things with the people they love most.

– Car drive singalongs with Ella
– Being with family
– Chocolate milk
– DIY projects 
– Crossed-out lists in pretty diaries
– Wood fired pizzas on cold days
– Lavendar-everything
– Gummy sweets
– Empowering audiobooks
– We’ve just moved half way across the world and discovering everything that’s new about America.