Instagram caption writing

Three things you can do to make Instagram caption writing easier

Raise your hand if coming up with new Instagram captions is a constant struggle for you. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

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Demonstrate value on your website as a photographer

Three Hacks to Demonstrate Value on Your Website as a Photographer

How to demonstrate value on your website.

I’ve always had a thing for websites.

I’m pretty sure it started at … Read more

How to write content that attracts your dream clients

How to write content that attracts your dream clients

Want to know the secret to writing content that attracts your dream clients? Let me tell you a story.

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Should photographers still be blogging

Is blogging something small businesses should be doing in 2020?

Is blogging dead? Are we still reading and writing blogs in 2020? 

The simple answer is YES! 

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What to do during a slow season as a wedding photographer

What to do during a slow season in your photography business

Let me start by saying this; don’t for a second doubt yourself or your work if you’re going through a … Read more

How to have a consistent instagram feed for photographers

How to have a consistent Instagram feed as a photographer

Consistency is the white stuff to a photographer’s Oreo.
There can never be enough of it.

And no where is … Read more

How to find dream clients pain points to use in marketing

Speak to your Client’s pain points in your marketing

The quickest way to connect with your dream clients is by providing a solution to their paint points.

By talking … Read more

My Word of The Year

I’ve decided on my Word of the Year!

I ran to Hobby Lobby today and the cashier asked me what … Read more

What to focus on when you’re struggling to get more bookings

You’re struggling to get more bookings. You’re tired, worried and tossing digital spaghetti in the hopes that something sticks.
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Three things photographers need to be doing on Instagram

There’s never been a more crucial time to get your content game on Instagram in tip top shape as a … Read more