How to write content that attracts your dream clients

How to write content that attracts your dream clients

How to write content that attracts your dream clients

Want to know the secret to writing content that attracts your dream clients? Let me tell you a story.

One of my favourite brides EVER changed the entire game for me.

Her wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything a photographer could dream of.

But it was more than that.

It was all the attention to detail and love that she poured into the day and into the people who attended.

No person was forgotten and every tiny detail thought of.

Write content that attracts brides

All the DIY and kind gestures and the family that knitted themselves into the plans and made it just… wonderful.

I left that wedding knowing.
Knowing what I wanted in clients.
The kinds of weddings I wanted.
The kinds of people I wanted to serve as a photographer. 

So I set about figuring out everything I needed to duplicate what I did to attract more brides with weddings just like hers; down-to-earth, sentimental and filled to the brim with joy.

How did she find me?
Why did she decide I was THE photographer for her?

And the best way to figure that out, is by asking.

Putting your heart into content that attracts your dream clients

It was what I had written in blog posts, she said, that first grabbed her attention.

The blog posts had resonated with her and everything from there fell into place.

I was ecstatic! All the effort and time spent blogging and creating content to tell stories with my photographs was working! I had blog posts for sentimental brides, posts on being comfortable in front of the camera, how to DIY, how to include family…

And all of that resonated with her.

Storytelling works!

Want to know the secret?

The secret? It’s figuring out WHO you want to serve and writing all your content for them!

Who are they?

What do you the love?

What are they most scared of?

Who do they admire?

What do the need?

What do the want for their day?

What keeps them up at night? 

Answer these questions, and write your heart out for them!

I promise you, it works!

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