Speak to your Client’s pain points in your marketing

Speak to your Client’s pain points in your marketing

How to find dream clients pain points to use in marketing

The quickest way to connect with your dream clients is by providing a solution to their paint points.

By talking about what it is that concerns or worries them, and how it relates to the service or package you offer, deepens their trust and makes them feel understood.

In my wedding photography business, that looked like this:

My bride’s pain point = Not having a lot of confidence in front of the camera but wanting beautiful photos.

How I solved this for her: By branding myself as the photographer who provided gentle posing guidance and a more documentary-style approach. 

By communicating my style of work and how I approached a wedding day, I was able to relay my solution to her in a way she felt understood and cared for.

Does she have more than one pain point?

My ideal client’s second pain point was a financial one… wanting to book a photographer in the mid-high price range without sacrificing quality. 

Do you know how many accountants I booked?! 🤯🤯🤯

I eventually asked one of my accountant couples what they liked about my package, after telling them how many accountants’ weddings I photographed and their answer was simple, “you provide so much value for the price. It just made sense.” 🤯🤯🤯

You need to know what your client wants and needs. And more importantly, you need to know who you are ideal client truly is.

What is your client worried/ concerned about and what solution do you provide? 

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