Three Hacks to Demonstrate Value on Your Website as a Photographer

Three Hacks to Demonstrate Value on Your Website as a Photographer

Demonstrate value on your website as a photographer

How to demonstrate value on your website.

I’ve always had a thing for websites.

I’m pretty sure it started at the same time as the first modem dial tone beeped through our home.

So when it came to starting up my photography business, the first thing I did was rush to create a digital home for it all.

Because it’s here, in this online space, that your audience starts to connect with you.
Starts to see the value you offer and the creativity you release into the world.
It is, after all, the storefront to your business.

So you might be wondering… “Does my website carry all the value it should be carrying?”
Here are three hacks to make sure you’re demonstrating value on your website as a photographer.

Tell them what you offer

It takes a person seeing your stuff at least 7 times before they take an action!

That’s why it’s important to remind your audience what you offer and who you offer it too. When they start seeing themselves in your offer, that’s when you trigger an enquiry. 

Educate them through your blog

They’ve seen your images, they’ve read some of your copy, and now they want to see more. Educating your audience on topics relevant to them is a quick way to build trust, demonstrate your value as a photographer and give them something freely. That exchange of give and take is almost naturally reciprocal and may lead to an enquiry. 

What do others say

Your website is a great place to carry the words of past clients who have loved what you do! Testimonials should be scattered throughout your website to show new potential clients what kinds of clients you’ve worked with in the past (blogging sessions will help with this too) and their opinion of your service. 

Your web copy is the number one way you’re going to do all of this on your website and demonstrate value to your potential clients. 

Tell stories where you can and take your audience on a journey through your work, the experience you offer and the reflections of previous clients and you’re well on your way to having a website that serves you better than any other magazine or blog could. 

When it comes to making sure your photography business stands out in a saturated market, defining the value you offer and demonstrating it on your website is a tactic you definitely want to use!

What’s next?

Book a FREE homepage audit here where I look at the keywords you’re using to attract your ideal clients and show you how improve your homepage to get more enquiries.

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