Three things you can do to make Instagram caption writing easier

Three things you can do to make Instagram caption writing easier

Instagram caption writing

Raise your hand if coming up with new Instagram captions is a constant struggle for you. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated at not knowing what to write as a caption to accompany a photograph you want to share.

Maybe you’re feeling lost because you don’t know how to tell a story that makes the photograph even more engaging.

So you start looking at other photographers to see what they’re writing. 👀

The problem?

You’re not creating content that sounds like you.

Or really inspires you to do it all again tomorrow.

If this sounds like you, know this: you’re not alone!

Here are three things you can do to make caption writing easier:

🌿 Know who your dream client is.
What do they struggle with? How do you solve their problem? Why do they NEED you in their life?

🌿 When you know your audience, you know what they want to hear.
Part of creating good content that does the hard work for you, is providing answers to the questions your dream clients are googling. What issues are they experiencing that you can resolve with your offer/packages?

🌿 Keep a bucket of content you can dip into.
Having a notebook or Google Doc with content ideas makes coming up with captions soooo much easier. Keep these relevant to your niche, business and life.

You won’t believe how many content ideas I have written in notebooks!

There’s plenty year left in 2020 and if you’re shifting your marketing strategy to content-focused, it needs to be strategic 👏 valuable 👏 and impactful 👏.

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