What to do during a slow season in your photography business

What to do during a slow season in your photography business

What to do during a slow season as a wedding photographer

Let me start by saying this; don’t for a second doubt yourself or your work if you’re going through a slow season!

How many times have you arrived to photograph the groom and you get asked what side the corsage goes on?
Or how to put the thing on?

THAT’s how you know your clients see YOU as the expert!⁠

You’ve done this, you’ve seen this over and over and over.
They think you could probably pin a corsage on in your sleep (except, no, you can’t cause those things are DIFFICULT!).⁠

You want to be seen as an expert, and even though you’re going through a slow season, no one knows that but you!⁠
Use the time to write blogs/ create content/ videos to show up DAILY.⁠

When business picks up again, you’ll have content that keeps generating that ‘know, like and trust’ and establishes you as an expert who took the time to provide value and information for your audience.

💛 Clients love knowing personal things about you.
Share a mix of personal and ‘business-related’ content that helps them get to know you, and keeps them entertained, engaged and informed.

💛 Use the knowledge you have from your experiences and create content that adds value to your business and bring them back to how you work, the service you provide etc.⁠

Don’t let a slow season get you down. It happens to everyone in business. It’s what you do during that period that builds a stronger business.⁠

What’s one thing your clients ask you to do alllll the time because they see you as an expert?
Let me know and let’s brainstorm content ideas!

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