What to focus on when you’re struggling to get more bookings

What to focus on when you’re struggling to get more bookings

You’re struggling to get more bookings. You’re tired, worried and tossing digital spaghetti in the hopes that something sticks.

As a mama & photographer who needed to find balance and bookings fresh out of giving birth, I know how hard it is.

Here’s what to do if you’re struggling to get more bookings:⁣

Choose the thing

Choose the one thing you want to focus on that you think will increase visibility for your business. For me, that was working on my SEO and building my website copy.
Is Pinterest where you need to be? Facebook ads?
What’s that one thing for you?⁣

Focus ONLY on that one thing

It’s easy to get distracted by new ideas to try. Like throwing money at more facebook ads. Truth be told, I did a whoooole lot of this and wasted money! A lot of it.

Yes, you need facebook ads. But without a good strategy, great content and your personality in a brand that provides value, you’re just throwing money at an ad that doesn’t convert.

There’s a lot more work to be do before the ads do their work.

Focus on one thing

If that’s building your blog and SEO, (stick around – there’s more coming!) then focus only on that.

Commit to following through on just that one thing until it feels easy to implement regularly and then build on that.?
Download the Yoast plugin onto your website and use it religiously with every blog post.⁣

Don’t give up

SEO takes time. A Pinterest strategy takes time. Have the patience and faith to see that one thing through. It’ll be worth it! Don’t dilute your attention an efforts by focusing on too many things…

What’s the one thing you’re going to focus on to get more bookings? I’d love to know!??

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